Two of my passions are writing fiction and tribal art.  This website contains some examples of both, which I hope you enjoy. The short stories can be read on-line or downloaded for free.  If your preference is for tribal art, the page tabs will take you to some images of my small collection.


Ibeji_jpg3.jpgIbeji’ is a powerful time-slip novel.  The historic locations are a Brazilian sugar cane slave-trade plantation, the transatlantic rain forest and a country manor house in the English Cotswolds countryside.  The contemporary settings are Brazil and England.  

Intrigue, history, synchronicity and archaeological science are weaved into a story that crosses time and continents.  It is  a multi-layered mystery about love and hate, courage and malevolence, darkness and light.  It takes, as its inspiration, the connections that link each human being to the others and the indomitable, conquering power of the human spirit. 

'Ibeji' is currently only available as an ebook.  If you think you might be interested in reading it, please click on the following Amazon link.  You will be taken to the book's page where you can read some reviews and preview the first few chapters.


Ibeji is also available from the Amazon.com website.